Princess Mononoke Kodama Tree Spirits Earrings


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    The Kodama, known as the tree spirits in Princess Mononoke, are ancient creatures that thrive in a healthy forest. These particular Kodama creatures are in a sitting position awaiting the daily transformation of Shishigami – the Night-Walker – Forest Spirit.

    Kodama Earring pendants are made of laser cut semi-translucent white acrylic, these ghostly spirits are ready to travel with you on your path, and likely adopt you as their new “tree-like” home. They are here to remind you to water your plants, as well. Each little one measures about 1 inch from top to bottom and are hung upon nickel-free hooks. 

    Allergy to metal? Choose “Plastic – For Allergy” to have these made with hypoallergenic plastic earring hooks instead.

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