Would you like to add awesome FoxyFunk Designs to your shop!? Well, you sure can!

It’s easy to order! All you have to do is Message Me with your order, I will send you an invoice via Paypal, and your order will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks from the purchase date (depending on order size).

As of right now, wholesale is only available to laser cut items. The Brand New Embodiment Line will be available in the coming weeks.


What are the order requirements?

-There is a minimum order amount of 20 pieces, and a 2 piece minimum of each design. So if you are shooting for just starting off with the 20 piece minimum, you can pick out 10 different designs.

What is the turnaround time for these handmade goodies?

-For orders 20-100, I can usually have these out in about a week. Over 100, we are looking at more around 2 weeks before they are shipped out.

What are the shipping rates and time table for shipping?

-For wholesale orders ranging from 20-48 pieces shipping is a flat rate of $6.95 for USPS Priority Shipping. 50+ pieces are free USPS Priority Shipping!

What are the wholesale prices for your items and where can I find a list of your wares?

-50% off my non-sale price. You can find my current and new designs in my Etsy Shop.

But some of your designs are only $5! Do those count?

-Yes! You can get them for $2.50 a piece and sell them for as much as you want!

I saw a style that is no longer in your Etsy Shop, is it still available to order wholesale?

-Chances are ~ Yes! Unless the style is made of a material that is no longer available, I can still make some of my older designs.

What about some of the copyrighted designs, like Batman or Star Wars items?

-I am slowly phasing those styles out of my catalog. Depending on your kind of store, you will notice my original designs sell the best, so of course I suggest those. 🙂

Can you make MY original design in bulk?

-Depending on the complexity of your design, I just might! Rates might vary a bit and there may be a graphic design fee if you do not have laser ready files. I have made Private Label items in this fashion. Message Me with your vision, and we’ll talk!